LGBTQ People Read Emotional Letters To Their Younger Selves

Grab the tissues ― a new video features a group of older LGBTQ people reading letters to their younger selves and it’s quite the tearjerker.

The emotional video, created by YouTube personality Davey Wavey, features several people reading powerful letters to their 18-year-old selves to celebrate Pride Month.

“You are dealing with a life issue that you cannot express because everyone around you is against you,” one woman says.

Another woman adds, “Don’t let them scare you or erode your self-esteem.”

“You are not going to want to trade lives with anyone, and you’re going to live happily ever after,” one man says.

Wavey told HuffPost he created the video to shine a much-needed light on the older LGBTQ population.

“Our LGBT elders are underrepresented and often invisible in the very community they helped to create,” he said. “The reality is, our elders deserve the be seen, respected, celebrated and heard. And when we listen, they have a great deal of wisdom and advice to offer us. Whatever it is that we are going through, they’ve been there.”

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