OUR COMPANY MISSION: is to have a LBGT site without adult content , where you can meet, talk and gather information about our community. We started out 20 years ago with Gay New USA, technology now permits us to cover the world.

We will provide news, information and comments about and for the Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Bi-Sexual community.

VISION: All of the news and information, about our community. We will try to bring you all the GLTB information to one site on the internet.

It will be a open forum, with links to travel, blogs, politics, health, free gay movies (no Nudity), daily video news, gay rights organizations , and publications.

It will have a world wide list of GLTB businesses, with maps and locations listed by country, and cities.

We will not permit advertising by any company that does not give full right to our community.

If you are discriminated against at work, housing or in the educational systems you can contact us and we will investigate.

This is a work in progress and expect it to expand with your input. Feel free to send us emails and videos (via YouTube) or any other information.

We will also have two video feeds.

  1. A newscast that can be seen daily and weekly, from around the world.
  2. Streaming video that plays movie (we own two production companies in Los Angeles & Seattle). We are opening another in Vancouver, BC Canada. The movies shown on the site will be free, and not have adult contact.


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Help Wanted

We are searching for a new sales rep. for our parent company. Ability to work from home. Contact us for more detail. Receive 30% commission for every sale.

Ocean Shores Entertainment

Will start shooting a"gay Sherlock Holmes series in Seattle, WA late 2017" We need talent and crew. PAID GIG, contact oceanshoresg@gmail.com.
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